Most effective tactics available

Zoom Call 7/6/2020

The audio from the call can be found here.

Today the Perimeter had their sixth Zoom call. There were 5 of us in attendance. The topic of the discussion was the idea of the Most Effective Tactics Available, led by Ryan Martinez. In this post you'll find key points from the discussion and an audio recording from the conference call.

The Most Effective Tactics Available- a concept that originated in the gaming world can effectively be applied to any part of our lives.

What kind of impact do you want to have? Do you want to touch the lives of many, or do you want to make a significant impact on those closest to you?

The way we go about our pursuits can have an effect on this. In this call, we debate what it means to find the most effective tactics available and how we can go about making impact on one community or another.

In a follow-up conversation, some of us agreed that it can often look like this:

  1. Find out what rules you're playing by and learn the fundamentals

  2. Learn from someone who is really good at the thing you're trying to do

  3. Practice the fundamentals and seek ways to 'break the rules'
    Rather, investigate the rules a little closer and see what you can do to give yourself an edge

  4. Repeat step 3.

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