Our way of life

Why are we here?

Our group defines self-actualization (the highest level in Maslow's hierarchy of human needs) as the pursuit of one's potential, their self-expression, and the impact they have on their society. We once had to defend the most basic of human needs with our lives; survival was the ultimate motivator. In today's luxurious, modern world, the majority of these needs are handed to us. It is easy to sit comfortably, without motivation to pursue dreams, express creativity, and impact the world around us.

In order to achieve our potential and to inspire a sense of community as we begin to think about starting families of our own, we have a necessity, especially as young men, to form brotherhoods. These brotherhoods band together behind a shared way of life, with the intent of pursuing a common goal. They hold each other accountable, they encourage each other to take action in their lives, and they share formative experiences that help them grow into the men they aspire to be.

Values of the Perimeter

The Values of our group are always being challenged and redefined. Some things we have been focusing on lately include Responsibility, Community, and Mental and Physical Fortitude. We feel that these things are integral to one's personal success, and that they have also been lost, to some extent, by modern society. It it our intent to cultivate these values in ourselves and in each other.