Our way of life

Why are we here?

"Hard times create strong men, strong men create good times,
good times create weak men, and weak men create hard times.”

If there is something to fight for, it is the wellbeing of one's tribe. If there's something to fight against, it is the cycle described by G. Michael Hopf in his novel Those who Remain.

When it comes down to it, there isn't a whole lot we need to survive. Food, water, and shelter. Given that these are available or provided, we start thinking about other things: relationships with other people, a sense of belonging, a sense of fulfillment. These needs are less primal, less pressing- the failure to meet them does not as directly result in the detriment of safety and health. But in order to make adequate use of the time given to us, we should keep asking what needs we have.

What matters most to you? What needs do you have?

Today's world can be seen as luxurious- the basic needs to support a human life are easy to come by, thanks to agriculture, manufacturing, infrastructure, and all other things civilized. This allows us to do more with our time... but more what? Sitting in front of the black mirror, letting the days drain away? We can find ourselves sitting comfortably, without motivation to pursue our dreams, express ourselves, and impact the world around us. 20th century psychologist Abraham Maslow would describe these things, the pinnacle of human needs, as self-actualization.

If we are so fortunate to be thinking about these kinds of things, it is our duty and responsibility to chase them. We should seek out experiences that ask one to become stronger than he was the day before. We should surround ourselves with people similarly engaged in their respective journeys and help each other along the way. We should participate in thought-provoking discourse that challenges our perspective as asks us to not just be better individuals, but to be better humans.

Those before us and those before them fought for survival and wellbeing. With our basic needs in mind, they sacrificed some opportunity to pursue their higher needs. Giving this work the respect it deserves means similarly engaging in the struggle. It might not be for food, for territory, or for shelter, but the struggle, nonetheless, is what keeps the men strong and the times good.

How do we do this?

Our brotherhood recognizes the need to band together with a group of guys behind a shared way of life. We support each other in our individual goals, we encourage each other to take action in their lives, and we share formative experiences that help them grow into the men they aspire to be.

Values of the Perimeter

The Perimeter stands for things that shape a person into a versatile member of an organization, be it a family, a business, a church, or a secular community. Some things that strike us as being important are Fraternity, Fortitude, the seeking of Truth. We feel that these things are integral to one's personal success, and that they have also been lost, to some extent, by modern society. It it our intent to cultivate these values in ourselves and in each other.