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Meeting 03/08/21

Most of the group had read to around page 50/60

Okinawa myth: creating a fictional story to relate to and understand each other's shortcomings

Perimeter myth: Chris becoming super-saiyan

Key points of myth: group lore, inside joke to connect with humor

Rabbi story: placebo effect : one thought was able to stir a belief in the monastery that any one of them could be the prophet: our beliefs create spiritual, mental, and biological changes.

Sometimes, people are a threat to the creation of community, which brings into question inclusivity (which Peck mentions as a requirement for creating community) more to come later on this…

We talked about ways that Peck describes an “authentic community” and that open communication and an open mind to each other's differences is vital to accomplish prior to moving towards achieving external goals or ambitions of the group.

Community is found in long-lasting friendships, but it’s good to keep in mind that the potential for new communities is present each day.

Rugged individualism: provides more individualism, although we do need each other in this life. On the other end of the spectrum, spending too much time on others pulls away from the time you are able to spend on your own mastery.

Specific examples of benefits of each side:

individual: mastery in fitness theories and exercises

Social: creating new work relationships

Open Communication: allows us to understand one another, and provides the foundation for relationships.

Emptying yourself of expectations: Allows a community to grow in an organic way, which contains some element of unknown as we can’t predict how people will come together to create community. Dropping expectations is most difficult when we focus on external goals, like a sports victory.

Thought: Is it actually possible for no cliques to exist in a group of more than 6?

Spirit of Community: hard to describe in English, but we know what it feels like. Peck describes that the spirit of community can not be permanent, and is continually lost and recovered.

Spirit of The Perimeter: very strong when we get together in person and workout, strong when we maintain open communication in the group chat and with accountability partners, weakens when we talk less

Call to Action: check in on accountability partners at next meeting, continue dialogue of our community spirit, Ryan stepped up to initiate Brandon, Mike stepped up to organize camping in the future, Armani is looking into a cliff-jumping hike in the next few weeks in San Diego, read to chapter 10 for next discussion

Additional Readings:

You are the Placebo - Joe Dispenza

The Biology of Belief - Bruce Lipton

The Road Not Taken - Robert Frost