Managing Mental Health and Stress

The video of the call can be found here. (Audio failed to capture participant voices, will be resolved for next meeting)

Today the Perimeter had their eleventh call. There were 9 of us in attendance. The topic of the discussion was managing mental health and stress, led by Ryan Martinez. In this post you'll find key points from the discussion and a video recording from the conference call.

  • Managing mental health and stress

  • 1st question - how do you feel sharing mental health with those around you?

  • Ryan and Carlos both deal with it in their relationships - opening up to SO’s

  • Carlos is more comfortable with opening up to friends

  • Austin feels comfortable sharing with SO, but not so much w/ family

  • Armani/Austin don’t always want to involve parents - too close

  • Easier to open up to strangers sometimes

  • GF’s want the guy to open up - how they approach it can affect our response

  • 2nd question - how has mental health been approached by your family

  • Do we want our approach to be different than that of our parents?

  • Mental health is more easily approachable as a topic now - our generation has had more exposure than our parents

  • At the same time it's hard to feel like you’re talking down to your parents

  • Armani - Lead the conversation with your own experience, and make it something that appeals to them without telling them to do something

  • 3rd Question - What do you do to manage your mental stress

  • Guy - questions why, good diet/good sleep, exercise

  • Carlos likes to acknowledge all his stressors so he can formulate game plan

  • Austin likes to force himself to socialize

  • Hartman - historically people struggled more with external problems (war, poverty, famine), modern people face more internal problems (rejecting universal truths and morals)

  • Armani - Story of the Chinese emperor - deal with what’s inside to be able to handle the outside problems

  • Guy - sat down and wrote about how everything is going in his life

  • 4th Q - do you feel like caring about mental health is weak or emasculating?

  • Overwhelming response was no, not weak

  • Hartman - being emasculated can cause mental strife - gives you emotions to share

  • 5th Question - Is it important to talk about mental health

  • 6th Q - is mental health an appropriate convo

  • Austin - it is relevant because it stimulates discourse

  • 7th Q - Is it important to manage mental help or easier to push it away/ignore

  • Mike - certain things/anxieties you have to address in order to be able to perform

  • Address problem at hand, handle the mental health after/rest and recover

Call to action:

  • Setting up Tribal Gathering at Onion Valley